Euro-Leder is a merger of 50 EURO-SERVICE-DEPOTS and leading leather and footwear product wholesalers throughout Europe.
EURO-SERVICE-DEPOTS can be found in the following countries:
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Norway,
The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland

Specialized expertise leads to success

EURO-LEDER was established in 1949 as a merger of specialized wholesalers.
Target: to supply over a wide area, shoe-makers and
orthopaedic shoe-makers with repair materials
Extensive servicing and supply of a wide range of
exclusive shoe care products from our
EURO-SERVICE-DEPOTS to all sectors of the shoe industry,
including retailers and repair specialities.

Because of EURO-LEDER association, in cooperation
with manufacturers and suppliers from many countries,
we are therefore able to provide excellent logistics,
by specialized wholesalers traders, with a guaranteed high level of efficiency.

Optimal care and expert advise

As the head office of the system we set ourselves essential tasks:

- The supply system is structered differently for each individual European
country needs.That all important producers and branded product suppliers are
contracted to EURO-LEDER. Because of our large purchasing capacity
excellent discounts can be enjoyed by our joined specialized wholesalers.
Our range of products include approximately 15.000 items.

- By selected stock-keeping of specific articles the EURO-cared specialized
wholesalers are able to deliver even fringe-line items at any time.

- To make it possible for the EURO-cared specialized wholesalers to offer
a brilliant service throughout all regions and countries by:

prompt delivery
expert advise
- Evaluation.